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Aug 4th

Testimonials – 2015

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These past few months have been really busy on the sports massage front, seeing a range of athletes including american footballers, boxers, footballers, cyclists, martial artists, a mountaineer, polo players, rugby players, runners, swimmers and triathletes who’ve all been training hard for various different leagues, events and distances. All of my clients have found that having regular sports massage has given them a great boost to their training, preventing injury, speeding up recovery and keeping them in all round good condition. It’s always great to get good feedback from clients and here are a few recent testimonials……

I have raced triathlons competitively for the last couple of years but have stepped up to national level races this season. I came to Natasha as the hardest aspect of my training was taking ‘the foot off the pedal’ and fully recovering before my big races. I have been getting a sports massage a few days before each race and I have found this has been the primary factor in allowing me to fully recover from my intensive training blocks and going 100% for the full race, an aspect I was struggling to achieve.
Since having sports massage pre and post competition this season my results have really improved to the next level. To date my results have been 47th out of 855 (7th overall in age group) at the Ripon Olympic Triathlon, 1st out of 123 people in the Gladstone 5km race which I set a personal best time of 17:18 and 2nd out of 377 in the Castle Howard Sprint Triathlon, my best ever triathlon result.
Getting a pre and post sports massage has not only aided me in being able to go harder and faster on race day but also in allowing me to recover and race again at 100% in a very short period of time


Having seen all the therapists in West Hampstead and Hampstead, I can vouch that Natasha is the best therapist by a mile. Having a strong background in sport, she can really understand the biomechanics of your body and uses this knowledge in her treatment. She is very willing to adapt techniques to specifically cater to your needs. She will go all out to ensure that you meet your goals. She is truly a big asset to West Hampstead

Arun – Climbing Everest in August/September 2015

I’ve had a great experience with Natasha, she’s really helped me with some long term back and neck pain. Always professional and flexible with scheduling, she took her time to enquire about details of my condition, explained medical details and gave good recommendations. Definite recommendation for anyone looking for a quality treatment


I’ve been coming to see Natasha regularly for the past 18 months as part of my training schedule while prepping for Muay Thai ring competition. My daily training is demanding and intense and I find that my dominant side gets very tight and my body takes a lot of punishment. The regular soft tissue manipulation combined with a strengthening and stretching regime has really improved my flexibility and range of movement, especially when kicking. I see sports massage as an essential part of my training now and feel that I get more out of my training sessions after seeing Natasha. Natasha’s always very supportive, encouraging and she takes a real interest in my progress


I started having regular sports massages with Natasha leading up to this year’s London marathon. 2015 began with me picking up a knee injury which was a real concern and meant I couldn’t stick to my desired training programme. I’d got into London with a good for age time and was desperate to get a PB; this set back had me thinking it wouldn’t be possible. My physio suggested I went to see Natasha to address muscular tightness and within 3 sessions I’d noticed a big improvement. My knee pain had reduced dramatically and both legs felt fantastic. Natasha was training for London too, so she understood how important it was for me to get to the start line. On marathon day itself, I ran a great race, taking 4 minutes of my previous PB and I had no issues with my knee either! I now come to see Natasha monthly for maintenance which I find really helpful. I’d recommend anyone training for a marathon to have regular sports massage


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