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May 10th


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These past few months have been really busy on the sports massage front, seeing a lot of runners in particular, who have been training for various different events and distances. I’ve seen a large number of marathon runners this year competing in events across the globe (Marathon des Sables, Paris Marathon, Boston Marathon, Brighton Marathon, London Marathon, Milton Keynes Marathon, Prague International Marathon, Stockholm Marathon). Regular sports massages can give a great boost to your training, preventing injury, speeding up recovery and keeping you in all round good condition. It’s always great to get good feedback from clients and here are a couple of recent testimonials

‘I’m a regular marathon runner, triathlete, ironman competitor and long distance swimmer. Sports massage is a necessary piece of maintenance for the body for endurance athletes to ensure your competing at your optimum levels. I see Natasha before an event for a deep tissue massage to get my body feeling as fresh as possible and in top form. After an event Natasha treats the aches and pains, and ensures a speedy recovery before I start training again for the next event. Since seeing Natasha for sports massages over the past two years my performances have definitely picked up and I’ve had no injuries. Natasha has a great understanding of endurance sports and the inherent strains on the body. I’d highly recommend any beginner or seasoned endurance athletes to receive a regular treatment from Natasha.’

Jamie McCann

‘As an Age Group Performance runner, I have come out of marathon retirement after 18 years. The old body ain’t what it used to be. And that’s where Natasha comes in. Her wonderful massages have helped the rigors of long distance training. She has an empathetic understanding of the body’s needs in this situation. Regular massages have eased the programme and her attention to the pre and post race massages have been ever so helpful. Any runner, no matter the distances, will find her soothing ways very relaxing – and help keep you going. And she is so friendly with it! Can’t recommend enough.’

Max O’Kane

‘From mid-February overtraining pains to last minute niggles, Natasha’s deep tissue work fixed them all. Not only was I able to run at all, I was able to run pain free. I’ll be back – when I sign up to my next marathon!’

Adrian D’Enrico

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